Independence Day & the Family

In the year 1776 when the Signers of the Declaration of independence gathered to put their names to that famous document, they were not putting there names to a document created from a flashing moment of genius or spontaneous cleverness. On the contrary, that sagacious group was building upon what others had theorized and contemplatively cogitated. During the previous millenniums, through times of reformation, revolution, war, and peace, men had discovered the biblical principles from which to build society upon. They thoughtfully recorded the principles and gave possible applications to them. As history progressed, opportunities arose to apply those principles, but never had there been such an opportune circumstance coming in the form of the American Experiment. In complete and sublime form, The United States of America would be created, consisting of 13 separate colonies uniting into one, clearly based on Biblical principles.

What America’s Founders understood has been largely forgotten in the America of today. Applying Biblical principles to society, to government, and to law, was a type of wisdom so fundamental to that period. Unfortunately, through humanism, Marxism, and social Darwinism, this wisdom has been lost and the idea of referring back to it is considered immature and weak. Yet the father of Conservatism, Edmund Burke put it well, “People will not look forward to posterity who never look back to their ancestors.”

We must remember what those before us have done. This is what Fourth of July is all about; remembering our forefathers and their willingness to lay down their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor so you and I could enjoy the freedoms we enjoy today. As America continues its charted course through history there is an important way to hold onto those values and remember those principles, given to us by our country’s founders. It is through the family. Furthermore, a family built on the name of Jesus Christ, and the teachings He put forth.

We need families who have parents that will pass down to their children Christian virtues, biblical truths, and lasting principles. We need Fathers who will courageously lead their families. Wives who will support their Husbands and love their children. We need children submitting to their parents and learning from them. As strong families are built and established across the United States, America then has a grand opportunity to continue in what our Founding Father promulgated. May we do so and pray that God would “raise up the foundations of many generation” so that this wonderful Country, our own America, can be a beacon of light, a testimony of hope, and a refuge of safety, for the world, and future generations.

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  1. Well spoken!, The Lord is the author and finisher of all we are wonderfully made through Him. He is our help, and we will not fear what man may due to us. (Hebrews 13:6). Let us encourage one another to overcome the evil in this world.

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