The Founding Fathers Foundation – Part 1

In the year 1776 a group of men made some very important decisions that drastically changed the course of History and greatly impacted your life. Because of these men, their decisions and their commitment to their cause, today we enjoy the privilege of a form of government that, although not perfect, has allowed the governed to experience a level of safety, prosperity and hope never before witnessed in History. As Americans we have been given the responsibility of choice. We can choose our leaders and therefore choose the laws and policies that govern us. Study History and you will find the idea of the governed determining how they are governed almost non existent in any culture before the United States of America.

The significance of this has not been lost on the rest of the world. Since our independence from tyranny over 200 years ago we have been studied and emulated by many countries throughout the world. They were trying to figure out what made the US work.

The decisions made by our founding fathers were so firmly rooted and grounded in a common foundation that we still benefit from them today, over 200 years later. The stability of America has been incredible even amidst difficulties such as the Civil War, the Great Depression and more recently Bush vs. Gore and 9-11. In Bush vs. Gore we saw a country sharply divided over who was to be president. Yet, as soon as the law of the land was upheld and the decision made, the majority of Americans accepted that our government had operated the way it was designed and put it behind them. They accepted the rule of the laws of our country even if they did not agree with the outcome. This amazed many in the rest of the world who may have experienced a different outcome in their countries.

Consider also that our form of government, a constitutional Republic (not a democracy) has lasted over 200 years. This is a major accomplishment. However, join this together with the continuation of the ideal that all have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and we have a miracle. Yes there have been failures and mistakes yet today even amidst the problems, the ideal still stands as stated in our Declaration of Independence that all are “endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights that among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness”.

Sadly though, the incredible magnitude of success experienced by the United States is being taken for granted by those who benefit from it the most. We Americans live our lives focused on the next paycheck, the weekend, our next promotion, the new media room and so on, that we have no clue of the incredible gift we have been given. We live in America, the land of the free. We must remember, we must not forget where we have come from, what we have been through and the dynamic future we can still have.

Forget? Unfortunately we have. We have forgotten what compelled our Founding Fathers to make the decisions they made over 200 years ago, decisions which cost them their lives, their fortunes and tested their sacred honor to the breaking point. What motivated these successful and prosperous men of the 1700’s to risk all that they had against incredible odds so that we could live free. If we understood this, America would soar again, children would feel safe, crime would disappear, terrorism would be stopped, poverty would decrease and psychologists would be looking for new careers.

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