The Founding Fathers Foundation – Part 1

What did our Founding Fathers know? They understood the real answer to one of the most basic questions of any culture or society that has ever existed. The question has been greatly ignored in our culture today. It stands as the elephant in the room that no one is talking about. The answer to this basic question has determined the direction of every group of people since the beginning of time. Hitler and Stalin killed millions based on their answers to this question. Others have given their lives to help millions because of the way they answered this question. Most ignore it and let others answer it for them. The question, what makes something right or wrong? The answer to this question under girds everyone’s decision process. It makes us who we are and it determines where we are going in the near future all the way through eternity.

Ask yourself.

When I get ready to make a decision about whether something is right or wrong, what principles do I use to make that decision?

How do you decide if something is right or wrong?

If you are like 60% of the people your answer will be something like this, I decide what is right or wrong based on how I was brought up. Your foundation will be the values of your parents, teachers, and others that influenced your life. The decisions you make will reflect the standards and values of those that influenced you. While on the surface this seems satisfactory, how do you know if the people who influenced you were right or wrong?

Consider a New Guinea pygmy who was influenced by his parents and teachers to kill and eat other human beings. His guiding principles come from the way he was brought up. The results of his upbringing however seem greatly flawed by our standards. How do we decide if he is right or wrong?

We see that the way we were brought up, if used as the sole determining factor, fails as a consistent standard for what is right and wrong. There must be something else.

The next 20% answer the question with the idea that they have some innate sixth sense that guides them. They say I just have a strong sense or felling of what is right and I do it. A little consideration of this principle and we quickly see the problem. Feelings are not reliable. I sometimes feel like staying in bed instead of getting up and going to work. If I trusted in my feelings as the standard of what is right and wrong I would stay in bed and loose my job.

Feelings are not trustworthy as a consistent standard of what is right or wrong.

The last answer that I am usually given is that I determine what is right or wrong based on what the law says. The law becomes the guiding principle. While the law is important to follow, how do those making the laws decide whether a law should be a law or not? For example if I bought an island in the South Pacific, moved there with 500 others, we formed our own little country and passed a law that made murder legal, would that make murder right? No we all know murder is wrong, don’t we? Or do we? We have forgotten what makes something right or wrong.

Our Founding Fathers had not forgotten. They staked their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honors on what they knew were right.

There is a right and there is a wrong. However you and I cannot be trusted to decide right and wrong based on our upbringings, our feelings or even on our laws. There must be something greater than us that establishes the standard of right or wrong. Something, that is always consistent and in control. That something greater is actually a person. His name is Jesus Christ. He is the creator of all things and therefore the only one capable of setting the absolute standard by which we, his creation, must live. Not only is He capable, He has done it. It is called the Bible, a book that He inspired and that He has preserved for us to know Him by. Many will say, without ever reading it, that they do not believe it is true.

I was one of those once until I read it. It is true, it is relative and it is absolutely imperative for you to know what it says if you truly want to have Life, Liberty and the freedom to Pursue Happiness.

Our Founding Fathers knew this and gave their lives, fortunes and sacred honor for it. It is never to late to turn back to the truth.

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