More Details on Raising Entrepreneurs with Purpose

Raising Entrepreneurs with Purpose –

A Model for Family Success

with Speaker, Author, Consultant, and Entrepreneur David Stelzl

David Stelzl is a man who loves the Lord and desires to invest into the lives of others. A successful Entrepreneur himself, Mr. Stelzl travels around the world consulting and assisting businesses in achieving their greatest potential. As a pioneer in the field of family Entrepreneurship and from seeing the fruits of training his own family and thousands of business men around the world, Mr. Stelzl has put together a powerful hands-on entrepreneur workshop tailored for the Biblical Family to give them the tools and resources they need to step into the world of Family Entrepeneurship.

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Conference Topics Include:
•Raising Entrepreneurs – Building a New Mindset
•A Father’s role in Raising Entrepreneurs
•Starting a Business – Biblical Principles of Success

The Time is Now

If there was ever a time for Christians to stand and lead valiantly, the time is now. The pressure to succumb to the world has intensified and mediocrity has been acceptable for too long. The current of the culture is running swiftly downstream to dismal destruction.The vision, the unity, the lifestyle, the convictions, the bulwarks, the hope of the Biblical family is under vehement attack. Yet the rewards for those fathers who will take the helm and rally their family to press on are precious. There is hope. And after ye have suffered a while, He will make you perfect, stablish, strengthen, and settle you (1Pet. 5:10-12). Press on!

There is a need in our culture for leaders. Those who are equipped with the Truth and ready to stand in the gap. As Christians, we have the responsibility to proclaim the truth. Christ, the essence of truth, has the answer for marriage, family, business, health, the community, and more.

Our world is facing an overwhelming onslaught of crises – natural disasters, hunger, war, disease, and more. One significant crisis is the current economic instability of not only our nation but the entire world. When a nation forsakes the principles of God’s Word, there will be consequences like unto what we are witnessing across the land. As families, we need to be equipped with the understanding and tools necessary to rise above and be in a positionof influence in our communities so that others may be drawn to Christ and God is glorified.

Raising Entrepreneurs with Purpose – A Model for Family Success

To this end, we are excited to be able to officially announce that the Family Encouragement Foundation will be hosting a two day workshop designed to help Christian families think more Biblically in the area of economics, specifically, Entrepreneurship.

Your family will leave the workshop inspired and equipped with understanding and practical knowledge in Family Entrepreneurship.

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Raising Entrepreneurs with Purpose

Raising Entrepreneurs with Purpose

Raising Entrepreneurs with Purpose – November 11-12, 2011

More Info to Follow Shortly – Save the Date!

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The Family Encouragement Foundation

235 Years Ago our founding fathers pledged their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor to establish freedom for generations to come. Today we are the beneficiaries of their sacrifice.Why were they willing? Because they understood they were endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights. Rights not given by man but by God.

With these rights, there is also a responsibility. If we want to protect the future of our nation, we must guard the family. God established three jurisdictions: the family, government, and church. He established the family first. Without strong families, our churches, government, & society will lack stability & suffer greatly.

It is our desire to strengthen the family. How? By encouraging fathers, mothers, young adults, and children to fulfill their God given responsibilities.

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